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Tijdelijk geopend tot 15 mei

The Sabareef is rented out! From mid-May, a friend of mine, Mohammed, will be living at Sabadreef 9. I got to know him as an employee of Garage Westbroek, on the Overvecht Noord business park. He is a pilot, and his wife is a lawyer. They will be living at the address of De Hete Hut with their son from mid-May. Unfortunately we have to close because of this.

We are looking for a new destination for the sauna. Do you know a good place at, for example, your sports canteen, association or club? We are open to cooperation. Sign up at the bottom of this page by filling in the form, and we will contact you.

Thank you all for the nice visits to Privé Sauna Utrecht. We enjoyed all the beautiful conversations and encounters. Our sponsor Beyuna will be working with us again next year. Only the destination of the Hut is therefore still a point. But don’t worry, you can help! With your financial contribution we can pay for the relocation and construction of the sauna.

Donate now to Sauna De Hete Hut, and receive a ten rides card for free! Do you know people in your area who like to relax completely in a familiar environment every now and then? We are open to everyone. Whether you are male, female, non-binary or transgender. Everyone is welcome.

I am grateful for all the nice encounters and hope to welcome you at the new location from mid-May!

Tony Campmans.

Wees welkom bij Sauna De Hete Hut